“A Letter From History” is the WHW Christmas Special!!

Written by indomitable ! Lionhearted and wizard of words

Andrew Scott and illustrated by yours truly !


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le prochain week-end du 12 á 13 Novembre . Je viendrai en tant qu´invité au HERO FESTIVAL á MARSEILLE , Parc  Chanot !

On se vera á Marseille !herofestival



LEEDS THOUGHT BUBBLE Comic Con 5-6 November

Next weekend I will be attending the Leeds Thought Bubble Comic Con .

You can find me in the Royal Armouries hall . BOOTH 72 .

Together with my friend artist Fernando Blanco.

Six tickets for FreeSketches will be handed out at the Booth. The Freesketches will be made from 2PM to 3PM

I will accept work on commissions for the rest of the time !















El próximo fin de semana del 22y 23 de Octubre, acudiré invitado al festival FACTS de GANTE , Bélgica.
Tengo el gustazo de compartir cartel ,entre otros, con dos artistazos del comic como son Miguel Angel Sepulveda y Javier Fernandez. Que además resultan ser dos de mis mejores amigos en el “chou-bihness” este.

I will be attending the FACTS festival in Ghent , (Belgium) on the 22nd and 23rd of October. it´s an honour to share this magnicifent event ,, with such great and talentend artists as Javier Fernandez and Miguel Ángel Sepúlveda which happen to be two of my dearest Pals in the business .

J´aimerais vous annoncer que le prochain week-end du 22 á 23 Octobre. Je viendrai en tant qu´invité au festival FACTS á GAND ( BELGIQUE) .
J´ai la chance de partager cet evenement , avec d´autres grands artistes, avec deux trés bons amis du monde de “comic “, Javier Fernandez et Miguel Angel Sepulveda .