Top 5 best audiovisual movies of all time

What is the best movie ever? If you ask someone this question, the answer will almost certainly be different each time. It is understandable because everyone has different tastes in terms of movies, but also TV providers UK.

Countless lists on the Internet show the best movie or movie streaming. None of the others are the same. This also shows how difficult it is to make such a list.

The best audio-visual movies of all time

Whether they are respected critics or recognized film experts, there is a list that comes closest to the truth about the best movies of all time and film streaming. Because everyone can have a say in the decision-making process and can evaluate a film.

Movies, their aesthetics, and their history are best conveyed through films. As logical as it sounds, it is noticeable that most of the film’s communication is done through texts. We write about a movie, a scene, a style and we try to explain in words what we saw before. This paradox dissolves with the increasingly common forms of mediation of audiovisual film.

They use an image, editing, and sound to convey something about the image, editing, and sound of a movie. The following movies are the most interesting in history and can be watched on one of the free streaming platform.

Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, United States of America, 1941

Orson Welles’ masterpiece is the greatest film of all time, is it a surprise? No, not. But it’s impossible not to bow religiously to this legendary feature film. Let us remember above all that this is the first film by its author, then only 25 years old!

Simply reading the Citizen Kane screenplay gives so much story – built in a succession of flashbacks to the death of Charles Foster Kane, a media mogul inspired by William Randolph Hearst and embodied by Welles himself – is dizzying. The editing of the film is completely masterful and extremely modern.

The Godfather (1972)

The Corleons are one of the strongest mafia families in New York. When Chief Don Vito Corleone (unforgettable: Marlon Brando) is killed, his son Sonny (James Caan) seeks revenge – and his youngest son Michael (Al Pacino) must suddenly follow in his father’s footsteps, even though he is in the mafia.

Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino, United States of America, 1994

You just have to move slightly and run two fingers in front of his eyes to evoke the film of Tarantino, a filmmaker with contagious bulimia. Originally a generational film, Pulp Fiction has established itself over the years as a classic. Especially because he revolutionized the art of editing by telling his puzzle.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight also has a charismatic villain, Joker. The task of the actor who died shortly after the release of the film, Heath Ledger, was far from obvious. Jack Nicholson’s take on the mythical role of the makeup psychopath played twenty years earlier was not given to everyone. His performance with a dark Batman (Christian Bale) put Christopher Nolan at the helm of the box office in 2008.

The Condemned (1994)

Despite his innocence, introverted bank clerk Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) was sentenced to two life sentences in 1947 for killing his wife and boyfriend. With the help of the intelligent prisoner Red (Morgan Freeman) and economic knowledge, Andy gradually goes to prison there and builds a new life. Nominated for seven Oscars!

Author: Maggie Chan